Vishwajeet Kowase demands early payment of paddy.

vishwajeet kowase

Gadchiroli Jan. 25 (District correspondent) Maharashtra Pradesh Youth Congress General Secretary Vishwajeet Kowase has demanded immediate payment of the paddy to the farmers. Is the government serious about the paddy growing farmers, he has asked.

In a memorandum sent to the chief Minister Mr. Kowase has said that paddy is being purchased at a guaranteed price by the government paddy purchasing centers in the district. Many farmers are selling paddy at these centers instead of selling it in the open market. However, since the payment of the paddy sold for the last one month has not yet been made, the farmers have been suffering a lot.

Compared to last year, registration for purchase of paddy was started late this year. Due to some technical reason, the societies that purchase paddy at the guaranteed price had not started the registration. After that, the registration started and the actual purchase of paddy started in the month of December. The government has increased the price of paddy to 1350 per quintal.

In the beginning regular paddy payments were made. Therefore, many farmers sold paddy at government paddy centres. However, the farmers are in trouble as the paddy payments are overdue for a month now. The payments of paddy should be made immediately, Kowase has demanded.

The arrears of the said payments are due from 11th December, 2023. Due to this, a question has arisen before the societies also whether to purchase the paddy or not. In some places there is also a cry that the purchase of paddy is closed. Keeping all these aspects in mind, the government should make the payment of the paddy immediately, Kowase has demanded.




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