Teli community extends support to Dr. Namdeo Kirsan.

teli community
Leaders of Teli community handing over a letter of support to Vijay Wadettiwar as Dr. Namdeo Kirsan and others look on.

Gadchiroli April 15 (District Correspondent) Alleging that the BJP government at the centre is anti-OBC and the Teli community has been treated unfairly by the government, as many as 12 Teli community organizations of Vidarbha have extended their support to the INDIA candidates Dr. Namdeo Kirsan.

The leaders of these organizations met the leader of opposition Vijay Wadettiwar at his residence here and handed over the letter of support to him.

The constitution and democracy of the country is under threat because of the authoritarian attitude of the ruling party leaders. In order to keep it intact, this support is being extended, said the letter.

Central Vice President of Vidarbha Teli Mahasangha Dhanraj Mungle, India Aghadi candidate for Gadchiroli-Chimur Lok Sabha constituency Dr. Namdev Kirsan, as well as Congress party office bearers and Teli community were mainly present on this occasion.

The Teli community, which falls under the OBC category, has not been given the benefit of any welfare schemes by the central government so far. Till now, the Teli community has been neglected by both the central and state governments. Ever since the BJP government came to power in the country, it has been working to suppress the voice of the Bahujan community by implementing only authoritarian policies. Due to this, the democracy and constitution of the country is in danger added the letter.

12 organizations of Teli community in Vidarbha have appealed to strengthen India Aghadi in order to ensure that the constitution of the country should last forever and democracy should remain intact.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vijay Wadettiwar said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has started a fight for the rights of OBCs in the country. So, we are fighting in Maharashtra. Modi government is indifferent towards OBC community. Recognizing this, Teli community has supported us, he added and assured to work for the interests of the community.




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