Puser becomes alcohol and kharra free.

The village women taking out rally.

Gadchiroli April 14 (District Correspondent) It is the understanding of tribal people that in their culture, alcohol has to be used for various religious functions. However, in Puser village in Chamorshi taluka, tribal culture is being preserved without the use of alcohol in any kind of event, be it religious or marriage, death or any other. A ‘Vijayastambh’ has also been erected in this village, which has been recognized as free of liquor and kharra for the last eight to ten consecutive years.

Puser is a village located in dense forest on the border of the Chamorshi taluka and 50 km from the taluka headquarters. Four years ago, there was no road to this place. In such a village, the road was constructed on the initiative of all the villagers. Any work in this village is implemented by unanimous decisions. This village is progressing as per the saying (Amchya Gavi Amhich Sarkar’ (We are the government in our village). The village has been alcohol and drug free for eight to ten years. In this place, if any outsider eats kharra and throws its wrapper, there is a fine of 100 rupees.

In this small village there is a Samaj Mandir arrangement for outsiders to stay and relax. The place also has statues of Birsa Munda and Veer Baburao Shedmake, well known tribal deities. This is a village situated in a beautiful natural environment. Only tribal people live in this place.

Tribal people use liquor for worshiping gods. Death, marriage and any other events also require alcohol. Such is the understanding among them. But in this place, all the villages are supporting liquor ban. Moreover, no one in the village consumes alcohol or kharra.

In the year 2023, under the guidance of Muktipatha taluka sub-organizer Anand Sidam, ‘Vijayastambh’ was installed in the village as a liquor-free village. Even today, the village is famous in the taluka as a village free from the sale of alcohol. The village is getting the benefit of different schemes in the village with the initiative of Police Patil Kesari Mattami of the said village.




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