Students of Munghate High School raise water kiosk for birds.

munghate highschool
The scout and guide girls seen with the teachers.

Gadchiroli March 28 (District Correspondent) The students of Kamaltai Munghate High School in Gadchiroli city have raised the water kiosks for the birds in the school premises to help the birds to quench their thirst during the hot summer days.

Day by day the temperature is increasing and animals and birds are looking for water. Considering this problem, the students of this school have taken up the project of raising water kiosks in the school premises itself under the guidance of their teachers.

Scout guide course is implemented in the school. There are nine rules of the Scout and Guide and the fifth rule is, the that the Guide is a friend of animals and loves nature. The students started actual implementation of this rule and are learning about environment conservation, love for animals and birds, importance of water etc.

Guide teachers Ms. Smita Ladke and Ms. Hemlata Munghate explained to the students the concept of water kiosk and making fertilizer from the waste material like leaves and garbage.  The children loved it because the school grounds are full of neem, mango, bahava, gulmohar and other trees. Climbing upon these trees themselves, the children placed pots for the birds with water and food. Water and food will be kept every other day.

In this way, the activity of setting up a water tank and a restaurant has been going on for the last six years in this school. The manure making activity is being implemented from this year. The teaching and non-teaching staff of the school cooperated for the activity.



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