Republican Party demands early completion of underground sewerage system.

republican party
The workers of Republican Party submitting memorandum to the CO

Gadchiroli Sept. 5 (District Correspondent) All India Republican Party has demanded early completion of the underground sewerage system of Gadchiroli.

A delegation of the Party met Mr. Suryakant Pidurkar, the chief officer of the municipal council this afternoon and presented him a memorandum of the city’s problems.

The citizens of Gadchiroli Nagar Parishad have been facing many problems and they are suffering a lot. Some of these problems are- the underground sewerage scheme has not yet been completed and many parts of the city have not been covered under the scheme, so many citizens are deprived of this sewerage scheme. Despite spending crores of rupees, the scheme has become useless. The underground sewerage scheme should thus be completed soon, it was demanded.

The internal roads in many wards of the city are damaged and the citizens are facing problems while driving on them. These roads should be repaired quickly, due to the cementing of the road, the space on both sides of the road has been left open and thus the roads have become narrow difficult to operate.  All these roads should be repaired, since the public toilets and urinals on Ramori road are locked, the passengers have to urinate in the open, the toilets and urinals should be opened immediately, it was demanded further.

The stray animals sit in the middle of the roads creating hurdles in the traffic. Due care of such animals be taken. The gharkuls for the poor and needy people living in the slum areas of the city be provided, roads, drains, water and electricity supply in all the slums of city be made soon, the municipal tax should be applied to all the slum dwellers, Additional and unnecessary tax levied by Nagar Parishad be cancelled, public urinal should be provided near Chamorshi road bus stop, polluted and muddy water is being supplied to some areas due to which there is a possibility of health for the citizen. The clean water be supplied, it was also demanded.

All the above demands should be resolved as soon as possible and relief should be given to the citizens. If the demands are not met, the All-India Republican Party will launch agitation, it was warned.

In this delegation, District President of Republican Party Hansraj Undirwade, State Vice President Prof. Prakash Dudhe, State Secretary Prof. Rajan Borkar, Pradeep Bhaisare, District General Secretary Pralhad Raipure, Office Secretary Ashok Khobragade, Mahila Aghadi District President Nita Sahare, City President Vanmala Zade, City Vice President Jyoti Chaudhary, Youth District President Narendra Raipure and other workers were present.

The CO discussed all these demands in detail and promised to take appropriate action.


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