Raje Ambrishrao solves the issue of Paddy Purchase Centre, gives financial help.

raje ambrishrao
Raje Ambrishrao Atram handing over a cheque to the farmers.

Gadchiroli April 4 (District Correspondent) The issue of paddy purchasing center of Rajaram area in Aheri taluka was resolved with the intervention and financial assistance of former Minister of state Raje Ambrishrao Atram.

About 15 villages in Rajaram area of ​​Aheri taluka have to go to the centre at Kamalapur for selling their paddy and other agricultural produces. The poor farmers face a lot of problems due to lack of center. The demand for a paddy procurement centre at Rajaram was pending for many years. The demand was not fulfilled due to many technical issues, but Raje Ambrishrao Maharaj, when he was the Guardian Minister, insisted and got approval for the paddy procurement centre at village Rajaram.

As the revenue and forest department did not have a convenient place for starting the centre, the question of space arose again. The villagers came together and took the initiative and decided to purchase a strategic private land and make it available to the government for a paddy procurement centre.

But the problem was not solved because of the financial condition of the farmers. The land owner was in urgent need of money and the villagers did not have enough money, so the land deal was being delayed. It was impossible for the farmers of the area to collect a large amount in a short time.

Finally, the Sarpanch and the prominent citizens of the village rushed to Raje Ambrishrao for help. Realizing the seriousness of the problem, Raje Ambrishrao gave a financial contribution of Rs. 1 lakh.

Rajaram, Suraipalli, Konkapar under Rajaram Gram Panchayat and Khandla, Pattigaon, Kottagudam, Chirepalli, Marneli, Raigata, Gollakarjee under Khandla Gram Panchayat and Timram, Guddigudam, Nilguddam under Timram  Gram Panchayat will benefit from this paddy purchasing centre.

When he was the guardian minister, Raje Ambrishrao weaved a network of roads in this area, built bridges and brought the development to the area. Now  the problems of paddy centre has been solved with the initiative of Mr. Atram for which the farmers in the area have thanked him.

Mr. Ravindra Panjalwar, Manoj Siddam, Vasant Siddam, Santosh Torrem, Dharma Atram, Shankar Siddam, Vasant Torrem, Mahesh Siddam, Mahadev Alam, Nagesh Kannake, Bhaskar Talande, former chairman, Vinayak Alam, Ex-Sarpanch, Narayan Kambagoniwar, Malaya Torrem, Deepak Arka, Mutta Portet, Rakesh Talande, Mohan Veladi, Sanjay Portet, Tirupati Kulmethe, Sukhdev Atram, Vilas Karpet and other farmers were present on the occasion.

Photo Raje Ambrishrao Atram handing over a cheque to the farmers.


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