Platinum Jubilee’s Jay Paunikar is first in the district in XII th CBSE.

platinum jubilee
Jay Paunikar seen with Mr. Azizbhai Nathani and parents

Gadchiroli May 12 (District Correspondent) Jay Paunikar, a student of the Platinum Jubilee High School and Junior College here has stood first in the district of Gadchiroli in XII th standard CBSE results which were declared today.

Jay secured a total of 94.60 percent marks in the examination and got the honour of securing the first position in the district. Notably enough, Jay has been studying in this school from the very standard I st and he had not engaged any private tuition for the preparation of studies.

Regularly attending the school, paying careful attention to the teachers and regular study at home is the secret of my success, Jay told. He was accorded felicitation in the school along with his parents Rajendra and Priti Paunikar at the hands of Mr. Azizbhai Nathani, Secretary of the School.

Jay gives the credit of this success to his parents, school management and the teachers. The parents of Jay said that the Board of directors of the Platinum jubilee High school and Junior College gives special attention towards the education and facilities of the students which makes the students to excel in their studies.

Ms. Khushi Nandurkar has stood second in the school by scoring 92.6 percent marks and Kankshini Shrirame has stood third with 80.2 percent marks in XII th standard. The success is being appreciated in the academic circles here.

STD. X TH —Meanwhile Ms. Aliya Nathani, a student from the Platinum jubilee high School here has stood first in the city of Gadchiroli in X th standard CBSE results that were declared today.

Aliya secured 95.80 percent marks and got the honour of securing the first position in the city schools.  Platinum jubilee Secretary Azizbhai Nathani, Principal and staff of the school have congratulated her on this success.

The Platinum jubilee High School is the oldest English medium school of the city of Gadchiroli with the best academic facilities and atmosphere with an attractive and spacious building on the outskirts of the city.


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