Plastic Surgery camp held at SEARCH hospital.

plastic surgery
A team of doctors with Dr. Abhay Bang and Dr. Rani Bang.

Gadchiroli June 29 (District Correspondent) A free plastic surgery camp was organized at Maa Danteshwari Hospital of SEARCH recently. Patients came for surgery from various tribal areas of Gadchiroli taluka and district as well as from the adjoining Andhra Pradesh. Children, adolescents and adults aged between 2 years to 14 years visited the hospital for plastic surgery.

A team of expert doctors from Mumbai had come specially for this camp. Renowned surgeon Dr. Srirang Purohit along with Dr. Nikunj Modi, Dr. Leena Jain, Dr. Sushil Nehte, Dr. Rashmi Raut, Dr. Pratik Shah, Dr. Rani Umul Khair, Dr. Nitin Mokal, Dr. Nandini Dave, Dr. Snehal Tare, Dr. Kim D’Souza, Dr. Renuka Purohit, Dr. Rishabh Raj examined the patients and provided the necessary treatment came to the patients in this camp.

A plastic surgery camp is being organized at Shodhagram since last year. So far 4 camps have been conducted and in these 4 camps a total of 120 patients have been successfully operated.

Padmashri Dr. Rani Bang presented certificates to all the doctors for completing above 100 surgeries at Shodhgram hospital. Dr. Abhay Bang also visited the camp and extended his best wishes to the doctors and patients.

Dr Srirang Purohit and his team are always ready to provide high quality service to the patients at Shodhagram. In this camp, expert doctors did an exemplary job to bring joy to the lives of patients, parents and relatives of Gadchiroli and tribal areas by performing surgeries on various physical problems like cleft lip, palate surgery, cleft inside the mouth, kidney perforation surgery in children etc.

No any fees were charged for this surgery and this service was provided free of cost by SEARCH.

Search provides health services at discounted rates to the needy people outside Gadchiroli and the district as well. Various health camps are conducted at Danteshwari Hospital in Shodhagram of Search to provide easy, accessible health care to the needy people of all walks of life. Mainly, Search calls doctors from the state capital and other places to provide better health care to the needy.

Photo A team of doctors with Dr. Abhay Bang and Dr. Rani Bang.


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