Huge stock of explosives unearthed by police


Gadchiroli May 6 (District Correspondent) A huge stock of explosives have buried by the Maoists was unearthed by the police on Sunday thanks to which a major tragedy was averted.

A credible intelligence was received that Maoists are planning to carry out IED attacks during the general elections to Lok Sabha -24 and had dumped some explosives and Claymore mines in Tipagad area. Since the information was not pin point at that time, area domination and heavy deployment of security forces was done in that area for the elections to avert any possible incident. It had thus become impossible for the Maoists to use these explosives at that time. Further information revealed exact location in Tipagad area where these explosives and claymores were dumped on the mountain, told Mr. Nilotpal, SP.

Immediately, a team comprising of 2 BDDS teams along with 1 unit of C-60 and 1 Quick Action Team of CRPF were deployed to search for the dump and destroy it if needed. When the teams reached the spot, they found as many as 6 pressure cookers filled with explosives and detonators.  3 claymore pipes filled with explosives and shrapnel were also found. Remaining 3 claymore pipes were without any explosive. Teams also found gunpowder in a plastic bag, medicines and blankets at the same spot. Total 9 IEDs and 3 claymore pipes were destroyed by BDDS team. Remaining materials was burnt on the spot, added the SP.

Because the explosives were detected and defused by the police, a major tragedy was averted.





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