Tribals in Korchi resolve for liquor free marriage.

liquor free marriage
Villagers promoting liquor free marriage

Gadchiroli May 6 (District Correspondent) The residents from Nawargaon and Bharritola, the tribal dominated places in Korchi taluka will be held liquor free as the residents of both these villages have decided to make the marriage ceremony without liquor.

For this, the Muktipath Village Association held a meeting and awakened the people. Interestingly, this initiative is underway in nearly 20 tribal villages of Korchi taluka presently.

Illegal sale of liquor has been banned in Bharritola for the past seven years through Muktipath village association. Also, weddings and other events are also being celebrated without alcohol for five years. Even if someone wanders around the village to drink alcohol, a fine is charged.

The marriage of elder daughter of Laxman Madavi, Village Association President is going to be held in Navargaon. So, meetings were held to make the alcohol free marriage at Bharritola and Navargaon. It was decided in this meeting to make the marriage alcohol free in Gond community.

It has been decided that no one in the community will consume alcohol for three days from the day of ‘Haldi’. If they consume it, they will be fined five hundred rupees in cash. The society’s decision was taken under the guidance of the Village Pujari so that the family and the village would not be defamed.

On this occasion, Sukram Holi, Police Patil from Bharritola, Laxman Madavi, Village Association and PESA President, Suresh Mungankar, Secretary, all the residents of the village were present. Mr. Balasram Kallo, Police Patil, Somji Ghavde, Village Association President, Tulshiram Katenge, Ram Katenge, Nijamsai Ghavde, Ramji Ghavde and Muktipath Taluka Organizer Nila Kinnake guided for this.

Marriage ceremonies in around 20 tribal villages of Korchi taluka are going to be held alcohol-free. For this, decisions are being taken through the Gram Sabhas under the Pesa Act. In the villages where the marriage ceremony is going to take place, a meeting is being held to convince the families concerned about the importance of alcohol-free marriage.

Due to this decision, marriage ceremonies are taking place peacefully and the rate of addiction is also decreasing. Other villages, communities should take the example of such alcohol-free marriage ceremony and spread the propaganda elsewhere, it has been appealed by the Muktipath.



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