Odd gutters on national highway causing inconvenience to residents.


Gadchiroli Sept. 23 (District Correspondent) The construction of national highway on Chamorshi Road passing through the city of Gadchiroli has not only become a matter of public discussion for its extreme delay but it has also become totally troublesome and inconvenient for the residents and shop keepers adjacent to this road. Even after two years or more this road has not yet been completed.

All are surprised to see the odd construction of gutters alongside the road due to their height which have been causing acute trouble for the people living besides the road to drive vehicles to their respective houses and even to climb up.

The height of the gutters is around one and half feet above the road. The road is low and gutter has become quite high. How to take the vehicles from these gutters is a billion-dollar question. What is the reason and logic behind constructing such an odd gutter may be known to the concerned engineers and the contractor alone. Common people are quite unable to understand it.

When the residents raised the question as to how to cross the road from such a heighted gutter, the contractor constructed temporary ramps on the gutters to facilitate the residents to reach their houses but within a day these ramps were demolished and the gutters were left open. Now the residents are caught in a difficulty to cross the gutters.

This is the situation on both the sides of the road. The citizens living besides the road are suffering a lot due to this absolutely wrong construction. The shop keepers also have been suffering to run their respective businesses. The consumers going to the shops also have to suffer. The very beauty of such a costly national highway also has been damaged due to this faulty construction.

This is the position on the very main road of the city and the problem has remained neglected. Until the gutters are lowered down to the level of road or the road is heighted to the level of the gutters, the people will not get relief.

The same problem has arised about the turning point of the road leading to Gokul Nagar area. The turning point is created much beyond the actual turning spot and the people have to turn their vehicles after going some distance ahead of the actual turning spot. This too has been causing severe inconvenience to the travelers and there is every likelihood of accidents on this point.

There is always huge crowd of students and other residents on this point which too has been wrongly constructed. Some of the citizens had met the concerned engineer in this regard and requested him to rectify the construction. However, the no any improvement has yet been done and the people continue to suffer.

Photo A view of the gutter and the temporary ramp on national highway.


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