All Indian Republican Party demands nationalization of health and education.


Gadchiroli Sept. 23 (District Correspondent) All India Republican Party has demanded nationalization of health services and education.

A resolution to this effect was passed in the Central Executive Committee (CEC) meeting of the party held at Barrister Khobragade Bhavan Nagpur recently.

Mr. Balasaheb Khobragade, National President of the party, presided over this meeting while Mr. Rohidas Raut, Ashok Nimgade, national Vice Presidents, Ghanshyam Fuse, General Secretary, Suresh Pantawne, Secretary, Pratik Dorlikar, Treasurer, Vishalchandra Alone, Rajubhau Khobragade, Ashok Tembhre, Rajas Khobragade, Laxmarao Tayde, Panjabrao Ramteke executive members were prominently present.

The office bearers of the party held detailed discussion on various burning issues of the country and passed the resolutions unanimously. This is perhaps the first political party in the country to raise such a demand.

Health services are beyond the reach of the common people. The private hospitals have been charging indiscriminate fees for the treatment which the common and middle-class people can’t afford. Finally, many people are deprived of the necessary treatment. The government has no any control over the fees structure of the hospitals. The people have experienced this during the corona period.  In such a situation nationalization of the health services is very necessary, said the resolution.

The party also demanded nationalization of education beginning from the primary to post graduation so that all the students could avail the education facilities easily and affordably. Presently education has also become a commercial commodity and out of the reach of comman families because of the very high fees that keeps many students away from education, pointed out the resolution.

Many other important resolutions were also passed in the meeting. Reservation for the backward classes in private sector was one of them. New national education policy be withdrawn, reservation in promotion should be given, rates of land given under Dadasaheb Gaikwad Empowerment Scheme be increased as per market rates, pension of Rs. 5,000 per month be given to the farmers and farm laborers above 60 years of age, financial assistance under Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojna be increased etc were the other resolutions.

The party will submit a detailed memorandum to the central and the state government in this regard urging it to fulfil the demands immediately, said Mr. Khobragade while addressing the meeting. A massive agitation will be launched if the demands are not fulfilled, he warned.

Photo Mr. Balasaheb Khobragae and other CEC members seen.



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