Pin Point                                                          By Shrinivas Gedam.

Times are constantly changing. Accordingly, the person also changes. According to the times, the mannerisms… the living conditions… the costumes also change alarmingly. But in some cases, man prefers to stick to old ways of thinking. This experience is especially common in religious matters. Even though man knows, due to the fear of society, he continues to follow things that are outdated…useless….and discarded. It is as clear as sunlight that social conditions will not change unless someone dares to do so.

If we want to increase brotherhood and harmony by destroying caste and religion disputes, inter-caste and inter-religious marriages are the need of the hour! This can achieve two things. Marriage beyond caste and religion will help unite the country! Secondly, it will help you get rid of the extra pressure of caste on your own society! People can breathe more freely setting aside the conflict of caste and religion and establishing a new human religion.

All disputes will end. The nation will be strong. There will be no need for a particular religion’s ‘Rashtra’ like Hindu Rashtra or Muslim Rashtra is is being said by some people.

Those who belong to upper and higher castes will not like elimination of caste at all. If caste is eliminated, who will ask them? This is their fear. That is why they continue keeping caste alive and always speaking about it.

Bahujans are being misled under the garb of caste. A lot of good things can happen if caste is eliminated. Everyone can breathe free and become fear free!


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