Nilesh Satpute appointed District President of ‘Voice of Media’.

nilesh satpute
Nilesh Satpute

Gadchiroli April 11 (District Correspondent) Mr. Nilesh Satpute has been appointed as Gadchiroli District President of ‘Voice of Media’ an organization of the Digital Media recently. Mr. Satpute has received the appointment letter with the signature of Voice of Media Regional President Jaipal Gaikwad.

Mr. Nilesh Satpute has been doing journalism for the past two years. He is also the editor of Lokvritta news portal and tried to bring digital media journalists together by taking up new activities through the ‘Patrakar Din’ program. Taking note of his work, the Founder and National President of Voice of Media Sandeep Kale, Regional President of Digital Media Department Maharashtra Jaipal Gaikwad has appointed Nilesh Satpute as the District President of Gadchiroli.

Mr. Satpute has been given the responsibility to strengthen the organization and also to reach the programmes and policies of the organization to all the journalists.

Mr. Satpute has thanked all dignitaries and office bearers of the organization and has assured that he will work to reach the goals and policies of the organization to the digital media working journalists and to strengthen the organization in the district.

Mr. Satpute is being congratulated by all the journalists on his appointment.


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