Lalsu Nogoti and friends provide ‘Preamble of the Constitution’ in ‘Madiya’ language.

preamble of the constitution of India.

Gadchiroli April 11 (District correspondent) Three social workers, Adv. Lalsu Nogoti from Bhamragad, Chinna Mahaka from Hemalkasa and Avinash Poinkar from Chandrapur have started an initiative of translating the Preamble of the constitution into Madiya Gondi language and distributing its copies among the tribals in remote areas of the district.

A large number of tribal populations lives in the district of Gadchiroli. Madiya community lives in a very remote and forested area away from various basic facilities. Taking into consideration the fact that these people should have the information and knowledge of the basic values of the constitution, the three activists started this initiative.

The preamble was translated into Madiya language, spoken by the Madiya community and its copies were duly printed and then distributed among the tribals with photo frames. The preamble is also being distributed as a gift in marriages and other such social programmes to create awareness among the people.

This is probably the first ever such initiative in the country where the social workers have come together and made available the preamble in the mother tongue of the people.

There are as many as 75 tribal communities in the country but Madiya, Kolam and Katkari are the most backward of them. Madiyas have been earning their livelihood on the forest and other natural produces. As most of the community members are illiterate, they are quite away from the knowledge their constitutional rights and have been facing various problems since the years.

On this background, it was felt necessary to get this community acquainted with the preamble of the constitution so that it should be aware of their fundamental rights and that is why this endeavour of providing the copies of preamble in their own language was started, told Adv. Nogoti while talking to this correspondent.

Nogoti is the first lawyer from the Madiya community who completed his law degree from the Pune college and has been working for the tribals for the last many years, it should be mentioned here.

This is a little effort of making the tribals aware of the constitution and its core values meant for the comman people who have remained miles away from the development and legal rights, Nogoti commented. The initiative will be continued further, he told.


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