Journalism Day celebrated at Gondwana University.

journalist day
Mr. Shailesh Pande being welcomed by Dr. Prashant Bokare as Dr. Anil Hirekhan looks on.

Gadchiroli Jan. 12 (District Correspondent) ‘If journalism is kept alive as the fourth pillar of democracy, democracy will be strengthened.  In a country where media is strong, democracy is strong’, said Mr. Shailesh Pandey, senior journalist from Nagpur while speaking at Patrakar Din programme organized by the Department of Mass Communication in Gondwana University, the other day to mark the birth anniversary of Acharya Balshastri Jambhekar.

Vice Chancellor of the University Dr. Prashant Bokare presided over the programme while Registrar Dr. Anil Hirekhan was the chief guest.

Mr. Pandey asserted that journalism for the welfare of the society is necessary and journalists should continue this task. It was Balshastri Jambhekar who laid the foundation of print media as well as the tradition of scholarship among journalists.

There are laws for the three pillars of democracy, but for journalists who are the fourth pillar, there are no laws, no privilege, but still they contribute, because these people are committed to their cause, he stated.

Speaking on this occasion, Vice Chancellor Dr. Prashant Bokare said that since the mobile phones came into the hands of the people, there is a change in the way of thinking of the society. The same change came in the media, many people watch news on channels and mobile phones, however, the importance of newspapers has not decreased, he pointed out. Even today, many people read newspapers in the morning. The importance of the fourth pillar is the same today as it was during Balshastri Jambhekar’s time, he asserted.

Prof. Rohit Kamble made an introductory speech, Dr. Sanjay Daf conducted the programme and Dr. Sarfaraz Ansari proposed the vote of thanks. Prof. Chaitanya Shinkhede, Dr. Rajni Wadhai, teaching and non-teaching staff and students attended the programme.




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