Hunger strike of Murlidhar Maharaj ends after Wadettiwar’s intervention.

hunger strike
Mr. Vijay Wadettiwar offering juice to Murlidhar Maharaj.

Gadchiroli Feb. 24 (District correspondent) The indefinite hunger strike of Sant Muralidhar Maharaj of the Markandeshwar Temple was called off today, after the Archaeology Department gave a written assurance that the preliminary construction of the temple will be started from March 1 next. The Leader of Opposition Vijay Wadettiwar offered juice to the Maharaj to mark the end of the hunger strike.

At Markanda in Chamorshi taluka, there is an ancient Hemadpanthi Shiva temple dating back thousands of years. Lakhs of devotees visit this temple every year. Also, every year on the occasion of Mahashivratri, a huge yatra is held there. However, religious sentiments of lakhs of devotees were hurt as the construction of this temple was hampered for the last ten years despite the assurances of the public representatives.

Sant Muralidhar Maharaj had launched an indefinite hunger strike for the reconstruction of the Shiva Temple. The opposition leader Vijay Wadettiwar took serious cognizance of this hunger strike and talked with the authorities of the district administration and archaeology department.

Today, on the ninth day of the hunger strike, Mr.  Wadettiwar visited the hunger strike site. After getting to know the situation from the office bearers, he talked to the district collector Gadchiroli and officials of the archaeology department over phone and convinced the seriousness of the hunger strike. He also informed about the poor condition of the temple and asked the authorities to take a decision as soon as possible.

After Wadettiwar’s intervention, the Archaeology Department sent a written letter to Muralidhar Maharaj saying that the reconstruction of the temple would start from March 1. After this, the hunger strike of the Maharaj was ended.

On this occasion, Gadchiroli Congress District President Mahendra Brahmwande, former MLA Dr. Namdev Usendi, State General Secretary Dr. Namdev Kirsan, former district president Hasanbhai Gilani, former ZP president Ajay Kankadyalwar, Ms. Chandatai Kodvate, Kavduji Kundawar, Sindewahi civic chief Swapnil Kawle and citizens were present.




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