Oust BJP in coming elections-Dr. Vishwambhar Chaudhari

nirbhay bano
Dr. Vishwambhar Chaudhari speaking and Govind Polad is seated.

Gadchiroli Feb. 24 (District Correspondent) BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not fulfilled any of the promises given to the people during the election campaign. The promises of bringing back black money, depositing Rs. 15 lakhs in every Indian’s account, providing 2 crores of jobs annually, giving prices to the agriculture produces etc has gone into the air. This government and its leaders can’t be trusted anymore hence they should be ousted from power in the coming elections, said Dr. Vishambhar Chaudhari, well known social worker while addressing a ‘Nirbhay Bano’ meeting here on Friday evening.

The meeting was organized by the Nirbhay Bano unit of Gadchiroli on the grounds of Indira Gandhi Suaqre here. Mr. Govind Pold, noted speaker was the chief guest.

In his speech, Dr. Chaudhari further said the democracy and constitution has come under threat. Systematic efforts are being made to polarise the people in the name of religion and hatred is being spread by the communal forces. In such a time all the citizens need to come together and thwart the designs of dividing the country, he stated.

The wealth of the country is being handed over to a few corporates close to the ruling leaders. Loan worth several lakh crores of rupees have been waived off. The farmers agitating for their rights are being treated like enemies and are not allowed to protest. Those speaking against the government policies are being harassed by the government agencies like ED, CBI etc to silence them. There has been a tremendous corruption in the electoral bonds, demonetization and PM Care fund. Demonetization was in fact the greatest fraud of this country; Dr. Chaudhari alleged and appealed the people to teach this government a befitting lesson in the Lok Sabha elections.

Mr. Govind Polad also criticised the central and the state government for their anti-people policies and neglecting the farmers and comman people. Religion connects the people but the leaders of the ruling party have been utilizing the religion for dividing the people and destroy the secular fabric of the country.  and called upon the people to come together and save the constitution.

Adv. Aseem Sarode, constitution expert also delivered a lecture online in this meeting as he could not remain present personally. He came down heavily on BJP for its religion based and divisive  policies appealing the people to throw away this party in the ensuing elections and save democracy.

Mr. Suraj Kodape delivered an introductory speech, Raj Bansod conducted the programme and Ms. Santoshi Sutrapwar proposed the vote of thanks. A large number of people attended the programme.





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