Dussehra festival celebrated at Aheri Estate- thousands participate.

Raje Ambrishrao
Raje Ambrishrao Maharaj speaking at the Dussehra Rally.

Gadchiroli Oct. 26 (District Correspondent) Dussehra Festival, a 150 years old historical tradition of Aheri Estate, was concluded with great enthusiasm and fervour under the guidance of the 6th descendant of Aheri Estate, Shrimant Raje Ambrishrao Atram. Dussehra festival of the Aheri Estate is an annual festival which is celebrated every year by the Raje family and the people of the area.

Earlier on the day of Dussehra, Saibaba Palkhi was taken out in the main roads of Aheri Rajnagari in the morning in the presence of the Raje Ambrishrao that moved through the town, while in the evening, a huge procession of Raje Ambrishrao Maharaj was taken out with the Raje sitting in a traditional palanquin. The procession crossed the borders of Aheri where Shami tree and Gadi Mata were worshipped by Mr. Ambrishrao. After this puja, the leaves of Shami tree were distributed among the participants. Thousands of people from the different parts of Maharashtra, Telangana, Chhattisgarh attended this Dussehra festival.

The procession then culminated into a public meeting in front of the Raj Mahal which was addressed by Raje Ambrishrao Atram. Speaking before the huge gathering of people, Mr. Atram, who has been the minister of State and Guardian Minister of Gadchiroli district, strongly criticized the opponents by saying that still, some people are trying hard to reduce the importance of Dussehra festival of Aheri Estate but they will never succeed.

He also blamed the local representatives for the poor state of roads and other facilities in the area without taking anybody’s name. The condition of the roads has become so pathetic that it is not known whether there are potholes in the road or road in the potholes, he said amidst thunderous applause of the people.

Aheri Assembly constituency has become very bad in the last 4 years, he pointed out and asked who is responsible for the situation? The time has come for the people to take the right decision, the Raje appealed.


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