Poachers kill tiger, cut body parts in Amirza forest.

tiger poaching
tiger image

Gadchiroli Oct. 25 (District correspondent) A full grown tiger was found dead in
the forest area of Amirza village yesterday afternoon in compartment No. 417
of the forest division of Gadchiroli Forest Division in Chattagaon Forest Range.
The age of the male tiger is likely to be 3 to 4 years as per the examination by
the veterinary officer. Surprisingly enough, the mouth and paws of the tiger
are missing. The poachers dismembered these body parts apparently to sale them.  The tiger died due to electrocution; it is estimated.

As soon as the information about the incident was received, forest officials
rushed to the spot and investigated the matter. According to prima facia
information, the tiger died due to electrocution. Somebody might have put up
the electric wire for the poaching of wild pigs but the tiger was trapped in it, it
is estimated.
The expert gang of tiger poachers might have been involved in the poahing, it
is also estimated.
The tiger was first noticed dead by a cowboy who had gone to the forest for
grazing his animals. He immediately informed the incident to the villagers upon
which forest officials were alerted. The forest officials then rushed to the forest
area and conducted the necessary enquiry.

Dy. Conservator of forest Milesh Dutta sharma told this correspondent that the matter is being thoroughly investigated by all angels. Presently four persons are being interrogated and the exact position will come to know within a day or two. It seems to be the case of poaching from the fact that the body parts of the tiger have been cut off, he added.

Very recently a gang of tiger poachers was nabbed by the forest officials for
poaching the tigers from Ambeshioni forest area around 10 kilometres from
Gadchiroli. This incident has once again created sensation in the forest


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