Dhamma will make human life happy-Bhante Sariputta.

bhante sariputta
Bhante Sariputta delivering a discourse as other Bhikkus are seated.

Gadchiroli Nov. 1 (District correspondent) ‘If Dhamma is followed properly as taught by Gautam Buddha, welfare of human society will definitely be achieved and the entire world will become happy’, state Bhante Sariputta, a Buddhist Monk from Thailand.

He was delivering a ‘Dhammadesna’ a religious discourse organized jointly by Samyak Samaj samiti, Vishakha Mahila Mandal and Samyak Senior citizens Association at Samyak Buddha Vihara, Gokulnagar here on Tuesday.

Mr. Shyam Tagde, retired IAS officer and President of Pradnya Maitri Pratishthan, presided over the programme while the members of Bhikku Sangha Dhamma Nitivar, Chandamani, Sumana, Pragyana, Dirghayumitta, Nitimitta, Rajratan Kumbhare, Dr. Pandit Fulzele were prominently present.

Bhante Sariputta in his thought-provoking sermon said Vinaya (character) makes man perfect and Buddha has given immense importance to this principle. Vinaya has to be followed by one and all to make one’s life sorrow-free.

Gautama abandoned his princely life in search of sorrow free life and finally attained the stage of Buddha, he pointed out calling upon the common citizens to stick to the rules laid down in Buddhism.

In his presidential address, Mr. Tagde said Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar never compromised with the values and principles. He followed Buddhism and moral ethics in real spirit. As the followers of Dr. Ambedkar, it becomes out duty to follow his path.

The rules of Buddhism were framed by the most qualified and talented group of 500 Bhikkus after the demise of Lord Buddha. These rules are still useful for the entire mankind, he stated adding that dhamma is based on morality, honesty and truth.

Mr. Hansraj Undirwade, Kawduji Undirwade, Pradeep Bhaisare, Sumitra Raut, Manisha Walke were also present on the occasion.

At the outset, portraits of Lord buddha and Dr. Ambedkar were garlanded by the guests. Mr. Tularam Raut conducted the programme and Prof. Gautam Dange proposed the vote of thanks. A large number of people attended the programme.


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