Thousands of workers to participate in Nagpur ‘Vajramuth’ meet.

maha vikas aghadi
Mr. Dharmarao Baba Atram, Dr. Namdeo Usendi, Mahendra Bramhanwade and other leaders are seen at the press conference.

Gadchiroli April 5 (District Correspondent) More than 20,000 workers and citizens from Gadchiroli district will participate in the ‘Vajramuth’ meeting organized by Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) at Nagpur on April 16 next to protest against the BJP government at the centre and the state, told Mr. Dharmarao Baba Atram, MLA from aheri and senior NCP leader while addressing a press conference at the Circuit house here this afternoon.

The central government is attacking the very constitution of India. The voice of opposition leaders is being suppressed by the government by misusing the agencies. The issues of SC, ST and OBCs are being ignored. The state government is doing partiality in allocating funds for the development. There is a tremendous discontent among the comman people over all these issues and to raise their voice this meeting has been organized, told Mr. Atram.

The state government is unstable and it may fall anytime, predicted Mr. Atram. The govt. came to power in the name of OBCs but their problems have not been resolved as yet. Farmer’s suicides are increasing as their produces are not getting rates, Atram pointed out.

Dr. Namdeo Usendi, former MLA and General Secretary of Congress Party said BJP is trying to finish the opposition parties. Democracy and constitution have come into danger and it is very necessary to save it. BJP is adopting dictatorial attitude hence the 2024 general elections are very crucial. All the constituents of the Maha Vikas Aghadi have therefore decided to contest these elections together to ensure the defeat of BJP. The Nagpur meet has been organized for this, he stated.

Also present at the press conference were Mr. Surendrasingh Chandel, District Chief of Shiv Sena (Thakre) , Dr. Namdeo kirsan, General Secretary of Pradesh Congress, Mahendra Bramhanwade, District Congress President, Ravindra Wasekar, NCP district chief, Vishwajeet kowase, State General Secretary of youth Congress, Dr. Nitin Kodwate, Wamanrao Sawsakde, Dr. Chanda Kodwate, Satish Vidhate, Yunus Sheikh, Adv. Rambhau Meshram, ex ZP councillor,  Adv. Kavita Mohorkar, Congress Women district chief, Chhayatai Kumbahre, Shiv Sena women chief, Bhawna Wankhede, Leeladhar Bharadkar, NCP youth chief and many other workers from Congress, NCP and Shiv Sena.

Mr. Dharmarao Baba Atram, Dr. Namdeo Usendi, Mahendra Bramhanwade and other leaders are seen at the press conference.




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