Students should become scietists- Dharmarao Baba Atram.

science exhibition
Mr. Dharmarao Baba Atram speaking at the inauguration of the exhibition as Dr. Rajabhau Munghate and others are seated..

Gadchiroli Jan. 14 (District correspondent) Science has made great progress in the age of modern technology. Due to this, today India has become the first country to hold the world record of reaching the moon. The spread of science and technology has increased rapidly. Scientific and research attitude should be created among the students and there should be great scientists in the future from them, said Minister for Food and Drugs Administration Dharma Rao Baba Atram.

He was speaking at the inauguration of the science exhibition organized by MCERT Pune and Department of Education Gadchiroli in association with Kamaltai Munghate High School and Junior College here on Saturday.

‘Science and Technology for Society’ was the theme of this exhibition. Gadchiroli chimur MP Ashok Nete presided over the programme. Additional CEO Rajendra Bhuyar, Principal Dr. Rajabhau Munghate, NCP District President Ravindra Wasekar, Youth NCP District President Leeladhar Bharadkar, DPC Member Nana Nakade, Dr. Suresh Ladke were prominently present.

Mr. Atram further said, in today’s technology era, the dangers of cyber-crime have increased. It is important to take precautions to avoid these dangers. My vision was to develop education, provide employment to people and make them self-reliant. Irrigation works are also on the way and in the next ten years Gadchiroli district will be transformed and it will be known as developed area, he hoped. Mr. Atram inspected the exhibition and learned about the replicas from the students.

Mr. Ashok Nete gave the advice of foresight, determination and patience to the students and said that if the students put these mantras into action in life, they will definitely achieve great success. Science exhibition has provided a great platform to the students, he added.

Principal Dr. Rajabhau Munghate said that the exhibition has been organized to has organized with the aim of inculcating the spirit of research among the students. As this age is digital age, the knowledge will be useful for many problems that come across in life, he said. Science is a two-edged weapon and should be used for the welfare of the society.  Only good things should be used from it.

Education Officer (Secondary) Vaibhav Barekar made an introductory speech. Conducted by Aditi Uppalwar, Jayashree Mule and Dharmendra Munghate conducted the programme and Education Officer (Primary) Vivek Nakade proposed the vote of thanks.  Deputy Education Officer Amar Singh Gedam, Prin. Chetan Gore, Prin. Sagar Mashakhetri, Senate Member Ajay Londhe, Narendra Bhoyar, Manoj Kawathe, Omprakash Sangrame, Vivek Hulke, Kishore Pachbhai, Vandana Munghate, Vaishali Madavi took pains for the excellent organization of the exhibition.





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