Spine surgeries performed at SEARCH Hospital.

spine surgeries

Gadchiroli Nov. 6 (District Correspondent) In a surgery camp planned for recent spine diseases in collaboration with Spine Foundation Mumbai and Search at Maa Danteshwari Hospital Search Shodgram, India’s famous spine surgeon Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj and his colleagues successfully operated on a total of 19 patients in three days recently.

Patients who have been suffering from spine pain and whose life had become quite troublesome got a new hope in life with the miracle of these surgeries. A woman from Koregaon who was suffering from spine problem for the last 4 years was treated in many hospitals but the pain did not subside. Finally, she came to the SEARCH hospital for a check-up and was properly diagnosed with the problem and underwent a successful operation. This has made her daily life happy.

In SEARCH Hospital, there is an up-to-date physiotherapy department for the problems of neck, back, waist pain, rheumatism, osteoporosis and the patients are benefiting from this.

For the treatment of spine and joint pain in rural and tribal areas, it is not possible for patients to go to a big city like Mumbai to avail this service. Considering this, Ma Danteshwari Hospital, organized this camp with all the latest facilities, at a very low cost. The expert surgeons from the renowned hospitals of Mumbai and Nagpur performed these surgeries. They are serving with a charitable attitude. The aim is to perform 100 surgeries in a year and patients are appealed by Dr. Rani Bang, Director and Dr. Dutta Bhalavi, Medical Officer of SEARH hospital to register early to benefit from the next surgery camp.

spine surgeon who came from Mumbai and Nagpur Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj, Dr. Jayesh Bhanushali, Dr. Raghuprasad Verma, Dr. Sheetal Mohite, Dr. Premik Nagad, Dr. Amit Shaha, Dr. Bhupendra Nagad, Dr. Pranav Rajendra, Dr. Tausif Shikalgar, Dr. Shashi Bhushan, Dr. Khushman Nagad, Dr. Gaurish Kenkare and Anesthesiologist Dr. Sachin Dongarwar, Dr. Samudraraj, Dr. Maitri, Dr. Jitendra Bhalerao, Dr. Aishwarya Bhosle and expert doctors of Spine Foundation and Search Hospital took special care and pins for this camp.

All the surgeries have been successful and this has brought relief to the patients. Surgery patients are being given regular physiotherapy treatment for 10 days to enable them to do their daily activities.

Dr. Abhay Bang, Director of SEARCH has congratulated all the team for making the spine surgery camp successfull.


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