Residence of illegal money lender raided in Gadchiroli.


Gadchiroli Jan. 10 (District Correspondent) Cooperative Department and Police Department jointly raided the house of illegal moneylender couple Manoj Muralidhar Nevalkar and Ms. Mina Manoj Navalkar at their Gandhi ward residence and took action against the couple for illegal money lending business in the name of Self-Help Group recently. The documents of illegal moneylending transactions were confiscated during the raid.

Some people had lodged a complaint with the Cooperative Department that the Newalkar couple was involved in illegal money lending in the name of self help group. On the basis of these complaints, District Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies and the Registrar of Moneylenders, Gadchiroli Prashant Dhote started investigation with the help of the Police station.

The officials raided the residence of Manoj Muralidhar Nevalkar and Mrs. Mina Manoj Nevalkar and seized the documents related to the illegal business. During the raid, 3 blank stamp papers, 4 blank cheques, 2 Revenue Stamped Receipts, 30 papers with of amounts, 3 Register Pages, and 10 Accounting Notes were found, 10 bank passbooks, 65 xerox copies of Voter Card, PAN Card Aadhaar cards in multiple names, other documents such as copy, sale deed, property deed etc. were also found during the raid which were seized for investigation.

This operation was conducted under the chief guidance of Prashant Dhote, District Deputy Registrar, Sanjiv Deore, Asst. Regfistrar, Hemant Saulakhe, Assistant Registrar Co-operative Societies. Sushil Wankhede, Associate Officer Grade-1, Kurkheda, Vijay Patil, Shailendra Khandre, Hemant Jadhav, Rishishwar Borkar, Shalikram Sorate, Shantaram Kannamwar, Shailesh Vaidya, Tushar Sonule, Prashant Premalwar, Women employees Mrs. Anita Hukre, Mrs. Dhara Kovey, cooperated to make the raid a success.

Under the guidance of District Superintendent of Police Nilotpal, police constables Sunil Puthathawar, Vatsala Valde helped to keep law and order led by Deepak Kumbhare, P.S.I.

District Deputy Registrar Co-operative Societies, Prashant Dhote has called upon the people to intimate his office if there is any case of illegal money lending.




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