Adoption of 3 children granted by Collector Meena.


Gadchiroli Jan. 10 (District Correspondent) District Collector Sanjay Meena has granted adoption of 3 children to the willing parents. With this these children have got their rightful parents with whom they could be able to live their further lives.

Earlier the judicial court had the powers of granting adoption but since 2021, these powers have been transferred to the District Collector. On the directives of the Collector, the necessary process of adoption was completed by the district women and Child Welfare office through its Child Protection Cell. For this home visits of the willing parents were done and documents were examined.

After this process, Collector Sanjay Meena issued an order of adoption and the 3 children were handed over to the willing parents in a simple programme that was held in the office of the district collector recently.

Mr. Prakash Bhandakkar, District Women and child Development Officer, Avinash Gurnule, District Child Protection Officer, Ms. Priyamka Asutkar, Manoj Dhawgaye, social Worker were prominently present on the occasion.

The parents expressed satisfaction over the legal adoption and thanked the administrative officials for their action. The parents willing to take the children in adoption should register their names on the website, it has been appealed by the District Women and Child Development office.

Photo Mr. Sanjay Meena and other officers seen with the parents and children given in adoption.


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