Rahul Pendharkar’s short film ‘Sharwari’ to be presented in International Festival.


Gadchiroli Aug. 30 (District Correspondent) A short film ‘Sharwari’ directed by noted writer-actor Rahul Pendharkar and presented by Myboli Zadipatti Productions, has been released recently and the film is getting a great response from the audience. The short film made on the subject of schizophrenia is becoming very popular and will soon be presented at Mumba International Short Film Festival, told Mr. Pendharkar.

There are many types of diseases in the world. Diseases are not only physical, but there are also many mental diseases, which we do not know or recognize. One such disease is schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a complex and serious mental health disorder that affects the normal functioning of the brain. People’s minds become corrupted, delusional thoughts, enter their heads and cause disorderly behaviour. This disorder affects a person’s daily life and requires lifelong treatment. Death cannot be ruled out if untreated.

The short film ‘Sharwari’ carries the message “Beware of Schizophrenia!”. This short film is produced by Tribal Rural Literature Multipurpose Cultural Education Board and is conceptualized by Priti Rahul Pendharkar. Jagdish Nandurkar, Tina Urade, Jyoti Ramawar, Sarika Urade, Rahul Pendharkar has played different roles in it very effectively.

While presenting a short research thesis to Gondwana University, the idea of making a short film on ‘Schizophrenia’ came to mind. We are happy that Sharvari, which warns against schizophrenia, is now reaching the homes of Maharashtra, said Mr. Rahul Pendharkar, actor-writer-director of this short film.

Many people do not know about the disease ‘Schizophrenia’. After watching the short film, I received many phone calls. Many have welcomed the film for raising awareness about schizophrenia. Some people have put it bluntly that ‘schizophrenia does not exist’ but now they too will realize it, he hoped.

Photo Mr. Rahul Pendharkar seen in scene in ‘Sharvari’


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