PWP alleges irregularities in APMC elections, demands re election.

apmc elections
Mr. Ramdas Jarate addressing the press conference as others look on.

Gadchiroli April 30 (District correspondent) Alleging that many irregularities were done during the process of APMC elections by the ruling BJP and Shiv Sena (Shinde), Peasants and workers Party (PWP) has demanded cancelling these elections and re-conducting them.

Addressing the press conference after the election results, PWP leader Bhai Ramdas Zarate told that at the time of counting of votes, two out of the three ballot boxes belonging to the Service Cooperative Societies Group were found not affixed with the signatures of the representatives on the ballot box locks. After opening the lock of the ballot box, a large number of ballot papers with voting marks on the ring symbol came out and there was one ballot paper less in one ballot box, alleged Mr. Jarate.

Election Returning Officer S D Devre and his colleague Dilip Bansod are responsible for making all these irregularities happen. Therefore, a detailed enquiry should be conducted into these matters and re-election should be conducted, demanded Jarate.

As many as 32 candidates had not purchased the nomination papers themselves or through their proposers, but despite objecting to this, said nominations were validated by the Returning Officer out of malice.

The nominations of PWP candidates Tukaram Gedam, Devendra Bhoyar, Nisha Ayatulwar were invalidated by the RO despite submitting proofs that they were farmers. Because of this, unqualified candidates were elected. To ensure that we could not approach the court against this invalidation, the result of our appeals was also given very late, told Jarate.

The information of those who withdrew their candidatures was also not displayed by the election authorities. Not only this, the information about the polling station was also given the very last day.

On the night before the elections, hundreds of voters were locked up in a private school of village Chandala but even after lodging a complaint with the police, Jarate further alleged.

If the govt. does not take any action into these irregularities, we will approach the court, he told.  Also present at the press conference were Shamsundar Urade, Jayashree Wedada, Akshay Kosankar, Tukaram Gedam, Kailas Sharma, Candidates Chandrakant Bhoyar, Yogaji Chaple, Nitin Meshram, Shrikrishna Naitam, Tulshidas Bhaisare, Bhaskar Thackeray, Sujata Raipure, Devendra Bhoyer, Revnath Meshram, Vinod Meshram.

Photo Mr. Ramdas Jarate addressing the press conference as others look on.


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