Humility is the ornament of students- Dr. Ravindra Vikhar

Dr. Ravindra Vikhar speaking as other dignitaries are seated.

Gadchiroli Feb. 19 (District Correspondent) Humility is very important for students. In fact, humility is the adornment of students. A student who has humility looks more beautiful. A student who is humble is a student that everyone wants, said Prof. Dr.  Ravindra Vikhar, senior Lecturer of Govindrao Munghate College.

He was speaking from the chair at the farewell function organized jointly by Tribal Boys’ Hostel and Girls’ Hostel Kurkheda. D. K.  College Principal Dr. Pallavi Tagde, Prof. Shivankar of Shriram College, Warden of Boys Hostel Sadashiv Nartam, Warden of Girls Hostel Manisha Warhade, Kapagte Sir were prominently present.

Speaking further Dr. Vikhar said that students should be independent. Students can achieve success if they have determination, perseverance, hard work and studious attitude. He also said that the students should remove the inferiority complex and grow up by taking advantage of the various facilities that they get in the hostel. Their behaviour should be harmonious with everyone.

Ms. Tagde elaborated her own experience in the hostel asserting that the experience in the hostel is the key to the future life for the young generation. Prof. Shivankar  wished the students good luck for the exam and asserted that they should be ideal personalities for the society.

On this occasion, the students of the hostel  Yogesh Boir, Kajal Darro, Kalyani Uike, Pooja Phulkavar, Santosh Puran, Dipali Bhandari, Daherlal Netam, Sandhya Jamkatan  expressed their thoughts.

Mr. Sadashiv Nartam highlighted the discipline in the hostel and asserted that many students from the hostel have achieved great positions and they are serving the society. The program was introduced by Ms. Manisha Warhade,  Khushali Pimple, Hemlata Uike conducted the programme and vote of thanks was given by Dinesh Pradhan.

The students and staff of the hostel were present in large numbers.




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