Horror in Somanpalli-buffaloes thrown into well after cutting into pieces.


Gadchiroli March 5 (District Correspondent) A sensational incident of killing the buffaloes and throwing them into a farm well after cutting the animals into pieces has taken place at village Somanpalli in Chamorshi taluka.

The Ashti police has registered an offence against the unidentified accused in this regard after the intervention of some media persons from Ashti and has started investigations.

According to reports, the two buffaloes belonging to one Suresh Meshram, and Rushideo Chatare, residents of village Somanpalli did not return home on Tuesday hence they started searching for the animals. During the course of search, they found the pieces of buffaloes floating in a farm well on the outskirts of the village on Friday. Some of the body pieces were also found lying in the farm.

The twosome immediately rushed to Ashti Police Station and narrated the matter to the police. The police however did not pay serious attention towards the issue and the animal pieces continued to remain into the well thereby spreading dirty smell in the area. When some media persons from Ashti asked about the incident to the police, they rushed to Somanpalli and visited the well where the pieces of buffaloes were floating.

The Ashti police have now started investigation into the matter after registering an offence under relevant sections against the unidentified accused.

The animals might have been electrocuted or killed with some other object and then thrown into the well after cutting them into pieces, it is estimated by the complainants. The gruesome act might have been committed out of personal enmity; they also suspect. They have also given a name of the suspect and have demanded stern action into the matter.

Photo Pieces of buffaloes floating in a well.


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