Follow Sant Tukaram Maharaj’s thoughts-Sanjay Maharaj.

sant tukaram
Sanjay Maharaj Pachpor speaking at the programme as other guests are seated.

Gadchiroli Feb. 1 (District Correspondent) What goes but never comes back is youth. That’s why all the youth should take advantage of the good opportunity, accept challenges. Youth should be physically, mentally, intellectually and morally capable and well-endowed. Good people cannot be imported, they have to be created. The thoughts of Sant Tukaram Maharaj should be followed by everyone.

This was stated by Ramayanacharya Sanjay Maharaj Pachpor of Alandi while speaking on the subject ‘Sant tukaram Maharaj for the youths’ at the inauguration of ‘Jagadguru Sant Tukaram Maharaj Adhyasan Kendra’ in Gondwana University here the other day.

Dr. Shriram Kawle, Pro VC of the University presided over the programme while Mr. Keshav Gurnule, social worker, Prin. Shantaram Bute, senate member Dr. Dilip Chaudhary, Sopan Kanerkar were prominently present on the dais.

Through many abhangas, Sanjay Maharaj explained the greatness of Sant Tukaram Maharaj and the need of his thoughts in the society. The atmosphere in the hall was mesmerized by his voice.

Dr. Kawle said, the nation stands on the thoughts of those great people who have passed away. It is our utmost duty to convey their thoughts to the students and the society. The work done by the saints is still applicable. They are supposed to be unbroken. Their thoughts are for the welfare of mankind without dividing it into castes and religions, he pointed out.

Dr. Dilip Choudhary said, Tukaram is the last saint of Varkari sect. A research centre will be useful for the students to study the Abhang Gatha of the multifaceted saint named Sant Tukaram, his overall literature, to conduct examinations based on his Abhangas in universities and colleges, he hoped. To create a centre for the.  Jagadguru Sant Tukaram Maharaj Adhyasan Kendra has been established in the university with the aim of organizing lectures, seminars on the literature of Tukaram.

Mr. Sopan Kanerkar, Keshav Gurnule, also expressed their views on the occasion. Dr. Hemraj Nikhade, Coordinator of the centre made an introductory speech, Prof. Neelkanth Narvade, conducted the programme and Dr. Krishna Karu proposed the vote of thanks. The teachers, teaching staff and students attended the programme in large numbers.

The program was attended by Dharmendra Munghate, Yash Bangde, Satish Padole, Shambaba Nichit, Dr. Vidyadhar Bansod, Dr. Narendra Arekar as well as prominent citizens of the city.





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