Film actress Trupti Bhoir says ‘Kurmaghar’ practice must stop.

In discussion with Trupti Bhoir


Gadchiroli June 10 (District Correspondent) Menstruation is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the life of every woman in a particular age and plays important role in cycle of reproduction. This natural thing has however become a taboo. This should however stop as it creates obstacles in the uninterrupted growth of women, opined Ms. Trupti Bhoir, well known film actress while talking exclusively with the ‘D voice’ today.

Ms. Trupti is making a film in Gadchiroli on the subject of ‘Kurmaghar’ (an isolated place where women live during menstruation) and was in the city in connection with the production of the film. On the side-lines of the auditions that were going on at hotel Vaibhav of the city, this correspondent talked to her on the overall making of the film on such a delicate social issue.

Ms. Trupti got the idea of making a film on this subject on reading an article of Gadchiroli based NGO activist Dr. Dilip Barsagade, who has been working on the issue for the last several years. I found the contact number of Dr. Barsagade some time back and came to Gadchiroli and personally saw the ‘Kurmaghars’ at various places, talked to the women and girls and then came to a decision of making a film on the topic, she told.

I am interested in making and acting in the movies with a social theme. I acted in ‘Agadbamb’, ‘Touring Talkies’, Hello Jai Hind etc earlier, she pointed out. Touring Talkies was even listed for the prestigious Oscar and had an opportunity to screen it before the Oscar Juries in the most famous ‘The lot Studio’ of Los Angeles’ in USA. Now I have decided to make a film on the most delicate subject like periods of women, Trupti told.

Ms. Trupti, during the course of discussion said the practice of Kurmaghar is very much troublesome and injurious for the growth of women but hoped it will stop one day or the other and only women can stop it. Our society has stopped the practice of ‘Sati’, ‘Keshwapan’ that were the part of our age-old tradition then why can’t this practice of ‘Kurmaghar stop, she asked.

It is very sad that even the most qualified, educated and professional women also follow the period of ‘periods’. This is the universal problem found everywhere in all the communities and most of the countries, Trupti pointed out.

Kurmaghar is a very serious issue. Many women have lost their lives because of the evil practice of living in the isolated huts lacking even the basic facilities and this should stop as early as possible. My film is a small step in creating awareness on the issue which is generally not talked about openly in the society. The practice will however stop one day, she hoped. Films are the effective medium of awareness and mass education and it will certainly have positive impact on the society, she said.

The film will be made with almost all the local people playing various roles in it. The local people, local soil will make this film unique. Only the handful of lead roles will be from the main stream film industry, Trupti told. There was a tremendous response for the auditions that were being taken in the hall of Hotel Vaibhav. The boys and girls from far away places like Bhamragad too had thronged the hotel for their auditions.

Ms. Trupti, who herself runs an NGO called ‘Shelter Foundation’ and has been working for women’s welfare has written the story of the film and would be directing it herself. Mr. Tushar Pakhre and Vishal Kapur who are quite expert in this field and have worked in Hindi cinemas and serials are assisting her as Executive Producers in the process of making this film.

Gadchiroli is a very nice place. It is not as is being painted outside. The people here are very friendly and cooperative, she mentioned.


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