Etapalli- Ashti traffic issue discussed with traders.


Gadchiroli Sept. 20 (District Correspondent) A meeting was organized recently to resolve the issues raised by the Trader’s Association in Alapalli relating to heavy traffic on Etapalli- Allapalli -Ashti road being caused due to transportation of the iron ore from the Surjagad Hills.

The meeting was organized on the initiative of MP Ashok Nete and Aheri MLA Dharmarao Baba Atram. District Collector Sanjay Meena, SP Ankit Goyal, RTO Chavan were prominently present in the meeting besides the office bearers of traders’ associations, officers of Surjagad project.

Major issues related to traders including Bypass Road should be constructed in 3 months, traffic of the trucks at Surjagad should continue from 10.00 pm to 5.00 am only till bypass road is constructed, trucks should not be overloaded etc.

Due to heavy transport of quarried iron stone from Surjagad Hill in Etapalli to Alapalli, severe problems are caused to the public. There are big potholes on the road and the dust spreads on the roadside shops, it was pointed out.

Students have to use the state highway from Alapalli to Chandrapur main road to travel to their school. One has to risk his life to travel on this route, it was also informed.

The Collector assured the meeting that the National Highway will be constructed as soon as possible and the bypass road will also be constructed.

If trucks are stopped during the day, the number of accidents will increase at night time. There will be security problems at night time, because the district is naxal affected, said the collector. The speed of trucks will be reduced to 40. Parking will also be arranged for truck vehicles, he assured.

The cargo in the vehicle shall be loaded properly covered with tarpaulin. A one-way traffic will be done between 8 to 10 am and 3 to 5 am, he told.

District General Secretary of BJP Ravindra Ollalwar, State Member Swapnil Varghante, Vinod Akampaliwar, Sagar Dekate, Sarpanch Shankar Meshram, Ashish Pipre, Ramesh Adhikari, Triveni Director Venkateswar, Officials of Traders’ Association, Chandrakishor Pandey, Rakesh Ganyarapwar, Amol Kulpakwar were present.




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