Wadettiwar warns of OBC wrath if reservation not given in Talathi recruitment.

vijay wadettiwar
vijay wadettiwar

Gadchiroli June 30 (District Correspondent) Former OBC Welfare Minister Vijay Wadettiwar has warned the government to get prepared for the discontentment of the OBC youths in the ongoing Talathi recruitment and make this recruitment afresh with OBc reservation in it.

The 18 percent reservation was given to the OBCs during the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government, but now the state government has not given any reservation to the OBCs in the Talathi recruitment, he pointed out.  Advertise the posts anew, otherwise be prepared to face the wrath of the OBC unemployed youths, he warned while speaking to the reporters. In the advertisement released by the state government regarding the recruitment of Talathi post, not a single seat has been reserved for OBC candidates in Gadchiroli district, he pointed out.

In Gadchiroli district, out of 158 posts, 151 posts from the PESA  sector and 7 posts from non-PESA sector have been advertised. As no seat is reserved for the OBC category, the youth of the OBC community will be deprived of employment. If this happens, the sentiments of the OBC community will erupt and the government will have to face a huge public outcry, the former Minister and firebrand Congress leader cautioned.

Wadettiwar has demanded that the said recruitment process should be suspended immediately and a new recruitment process should be held by reserving seats for the OBC category so that such a situation does not arise.

During the Maha Vikas Aghadi government in the state, 18 percent reservation was given to OBCs in class 3 and class 4 posts in Gadchiroli district. But after the change of power in the state, injustice started again against OBCs, he alleged.


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