Vidarbha Economics Council’s conference held at GU.

economic council
Dr. Karamsingh Rajput, Dr. Prashant Bokare and others releasing the journal.

Gadchiroli Feb. 4 (District Correspondent) ‘We export the agricultural raw materials abroad and import the finished goods into our country which affects our farmers. Agriculture Guarantee Price Act should be enacted. Soil testing, seed processing, agricultural supplementary activities, livestock should be maintained by finding solutions and farming should be done in a modern way’.

This opinion was expressed by Mr. Karamsingh Rajput, President of Vidarbha Economics Council while speaking at the inauguration of the 47th annual conference of the ‘Vidarbha Economics Council (VEC).

Gondwana University Gadchiroli’s Post Graduate Academic Department of Applied Economics and Vidarbha Economics Council had organized this conference. The conference was presided over by Vice-Chancellor of Gondwana University Dr. Prashant Bokare. Pro VC Dr. Shri Ram Kawle, Science and Technology Deptt.’s  Dr. Anil Chitade, Dean of Faculty of Humanities. Dr. A. Chandramouli, well-known economist of Nagpur Dr. Srinivas Khandewale, former President of Marathi Economics Council Dr. Rajendra Kaputkar, Working President of VEC. H. A. Hudda, Vice President Dr. Raju Srirame, Nagpur Division Secretary. Dr. Vitthal Ghinmine, Secretary of Amravati Division. Dr. Sanjay Kothari, Editor of Arthamimansa Dr. Dheeraj Kadam, Coordinator of Department of Economics Dr. Shilpa Athavale were prominently present.

Dr. Rajput shed light on the agricultural system of the past 70 years and suggested solutions for the current situation. Research essay journal as well as journal Arthamimansa was released by all dignitaries after the inauguration

Many topics are scheduled to be discussed in this two-day session of Vidarbha Arthashastra Parishad by the eminent economists and professors of economics. The conference has been organized with the aim of increasing the knowledge of the participating representatives and student researchers, to inspire them for research and to help the government in formulating economic policies.

Vice Chancellor Dr. Prashant Bokare said, common people are always curious about the Economics Council. Economics has become a part of our life. One expects basic research from this conference. The problem of unemployment is widespread in many countries. A country like Germany needs employable young skilled manpower. This is the situation in many European countries. These countries demanded 40,000 young skilled labour from India. The labourers who work for four months on agriculture should go to industry. This should be decided by the Vidarbha Arthashastra Parishad.

Vidarbha Arthashastra Parishad will give new ideas and the economy of Vidarbha Arthashastra Parishad will get a new direction, he hoped and said that the name of Vidarbha Arthashastra Parishad will be written in golden letters in the history of the world.

Senior Economist Srinivas Khandewale said questions arise like why the farmers do not get fair price for their crops in the market system, why they cannot provide employment to everyone, whether people are important or technology, whether the product that is produced is distributed properly. It is necessary to look at such questions as research subject. You can use the research done by previous experts as a reference but as an economist, it is your responsibility as a researcher to find answers to certain questions, he added.

Conference Secretary Dr. Vitthal Ghinmine made an introductory speech, Dr. Savita Sadamwar conducted the programme and Dr. Shilpa Athawale proposed the vote of thanks. Dr. Ananta Gawande, Dr. Surekha Hazare, Dr. Mahindra Wardhalwar, Dr. Dhairyasheel Khamkar and others took pains for the success of this programme.




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