Two sides…


Pin Point                                                                         By Shrinivas Gedam

Any reason is enough to argue. One said, “If we have our own people, we take care of them happily. The feeling that someone is yours is basically pleasant. It gives strength to live!” The other immediately reacted the opposite. He said, “This is a completely wrong. At times, strangers help us. Our own people turn against us”. The first man said- Today I am happy because they are there.” Another said, “Okay! But my experience is directly opposite! My family has made my life unbearable!”

He would be a sad guy and expressed all his anger in his reaction. The argument escalated. No one was ready to stop

All things considered; both are right in their respective places! What the first one said is true and the second one said also cannot be rejected outright! Both spoke from their own experiences! There are countless people in this world! Everyone’s nature is completely different! Someone is very polite, simple and gentleman, while someone is very cunning… evil and aggressive nature.

It is not possible to say how people will come to someone’s share. No matter how much care is taken while choosing a partner, mistakes are made! Only after marriage you know how the other person is! How children should be born is not in our hands! It is often seen that bad children are born from the good parents and good children are born from the bad ones. It is not even in our hands to decide how the parents… brothers and sisters… dependents… should be!

Someone is born in a poverty-stricken slum, while others are born in a posh colony of elites. Everyone’s situation…. environment is different! A person is created from all these situations. Life takes shape. Good and bad…. Beloved experiences- unpleasant events!

The bottom line is, “What I say is right! Everything else is a lie!” Others think it should be understood too! Even if you don’t agree, you should remain silent or give a cautious reaction. No need to take it personally at all.


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