Follow Dhamma and Adhamma will end-says Bhante Dhammasena.

Bhante Dhammasena
Bhante Dhammasena Thero delivering his discourse.

Gadchiroli July 20 (District correspondent) ‘Don’t oppose any religion, faith and their religious practices or ways of worships. Study and follow your Dhamma fully and Adhamma will automatically come to end. Learn Vidya and Avidya will be removed’, advised Bhante Dhammasena Thero, a Buddhist Monk from Shri Lanka while delivering a ‘Dhamma Desna’ at the Samyak Buddha Vihara, Gokul Nagar here on Wednesday.

Samyak Samaj Samiti, Vishakha Mahila Mandal and Samyak Senior Citizens Association had jointly organized this programme as a part of ongoing ‘Varshavaas’. Bhante Dhammasena is currently in India and resides at New Delhi. He was in the city on the invitation of a city Buddhist monk.

In his thought provoking and well-studied discourse, Bhante Dhammasena, who is a disciple of the world famous Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery of Shri Lanka said, Guatma Buddha invented the four Aryan Truths (Arya Satya) and eight- fold path (Arya Ashtangik Marg). Buddha is the first person who made this invention of the human emancipation that is why he is called ‘Samyak Samudhha’. Follow these teachings and you will become free of sorrow, he added.

Dhamma is meant for the one and all. It is not limited to a particular period or particular class of people. It is free for all and free for all the times. There is no any restriction to learn or follow it. Anybody can practice and follow it. Create a strong faith in dhamma and it will make you happy, Bhante further stated.

Because of the precious preachings, many people from different segments of the society came to the shelter of Buddha and became his followers. Such was the strength and value of his preachings. A dreaded dacoit like Angulimal to whom even the Kings and Army too was afraid of, also was finally impressed by Buddha and surrendered before him. And Buddha was just armless. He did not use any weapon for this. There are several such incidents of the people following Buddha and his Dhamma during Buddha’s lifetime, pointed out Bhante Dhammasena.

Dhamma is a way of life that runs on the right path, runs on the path of justice. If one wants salvation, he has to first find out the right path of Dhamma. Don’t learn the dhamma halfway, learn it fully and you will never turn towards wrong doings. A fisherman, in Buddha’s time was forced to speak lie against buddha but he declined, because he had fully understood Buddha and Dhamma, asserted the Bhanteji.

Learn to respect the Bhikkus, learn to make donations. A donation with pure heart will always make you happy. Follow the Dhamma and you will shine like a sun. Be always prepared to learn the Dhamma. Dhamma makes you free from the cycle of birth, disease and death, he said.

Man become happy and prosperous with Dhamma. One should learn to lead his life as per Dhamma. Following the Dhamma takes you to Nibbana so study and analyse it. The great Mahamangalsutta in Buddhism tells the ways of human welfare, so practice it. Tell the importance of Dhamma to others, Bhante advised further.

At the outset candle was lighted before the idol of lord buddha and Buddha Vandana was recited by Bhante Dhammasena. Mr. Tularam Raut, District President of Buddhist society of India conducted the programme and Hansraj Undirwade proposed the vote of thanks. A large number of Buddhist followers and citizens attended the programme.




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