Tribal literature concentrates on identity and existence of tribals, Dr. Streamlet Dkhar.

tribal women literary meet
Dr. Streamlet Dkhar, Najubai Gavit, Hiramanji Warkhede and others seen at the Sahitya Sammelan.

Gadchiroli April 15 (District Correspondent) Tribal literature is a literature written mostly by women, it concentrates on exposing the forms of exploitation by outsiders and threats to tribal identity and existence. Women writers should voice their concern for their rights and fight for equality.

This was stated by noted litterateur and academician from Meghalaya Dr. Streamlet Dkhar while delivering the presidential speech at the first National Adiwasi Mahila Sahitya Sammelan organized by Adiwasi Ekta Parishad at Maharaja Hall here this afternoon.

The meet was inaugurated by well known litterateur Najubai Gawit. Mr. Hiramanji Warkhede, senior tribal leader and pioneer of gram sabha movement was the chairman of Reception Committee. Mr. Ashokbhai Chaudhari from Gujrat, Nikolas Barela from Delhi, Waharudada Sonwane, Ms. Nandabai Bhill, Dr. Namdeo Useni, former MLA, Raje Virendrashah Atram, were prominently present.

Dr. Dkhar expressed the need of strongly objecting the discrimination against women and opposing the imposition of men centric taboos and so-called cultural norms against women. Women should have the choice to decide their lives and opportunities on par with men, she remarked.

She called upon the women writers to come together and put their mind and hearts together into empowering the tribal women across the nation.

Ms. Najubai Gavit, in her inaugural speech said the literature written for just entertainment is not the real literature. The writing on hunger, injustice, exploitation, inequality prevailing in the society is the real literature and triba;l litterateurs should focus on these issues.

When the nature has created and treated everybody as equal why do we make discrimination, she asked and called upon the litterateurs to write on removing this inequality. The system has thrown the tribals into forest and has captured the natural wealth. The coming period is very bad for us and there needs to be a strong movement to fight against the injustice. Women should come forward for this. The constitution needs to be saved, she stressed.

The other guests including Mr. Ashokbhai Chaudhari, Dr. Namdeo Usendi also spoke on the occasion. Ms. Kusum alam, chief Convenor of the Sammelan made an introductory speech and gave the details of the Sammelan. The programme was compared by Mr. Manohar Hepat and Ashokbhai Shrimali, Mr. Rohidas Raut proposed the vote of thanks.

‘Yaya’, a souvenir specially brought out was released at the hands of Dr. Dkhar and other guests. Ms. Shalini Salwe, Ms. Nandabai Bhill were felicitated for their contribution for the society.

Earlier a huge procession was taken out from the PWD guest house in Indira chouk which moved through the main streets and reached the venue of the Sammelan. Dr. Stramlet Dkhar, Ms. Najubai Gawit and other guests participated in this procession. The tribals with their traditional colourful attire and musical instruments participated in the procession and presented the Gondi Dance that attracted the attention of the entire city.

In the second session a symposium on the subject ‘Women’s contribution in conservation of tribal language and culture’ was chaired by Ms. Joram Yelam from Assam. Dr. Heera Meena from Rajasthan, Ms. Ink Parme were the speakers. Mr. Santosh Pawra conducted the programme.



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