Tribal Women’s Literary Meet concludes with important resolutions.

tribal womens meet
Dr. streamlet Dkhar addressing the concluding ceremony. Ashokbhai Chaudhari, nikolas Barela, Kusum Alam and others are seated on the dais.

Gadchiroli April 17 (District Correspondent) The two-day tribal women’s literary meet was concluded on Sunday evening with the passing of various important resolutions related to tribal life, culture and issues.

Dr. Streamlet Dkhar, noted litterateur and academician from Meghalaya, presided over the valedictory function. Ms. Najubai Gavit, tribal litterateur, Mr. Ashokbhai Chaudhari, Gandhian leader from Gujrat, Mr. Waharudada Sonwane, well known activist and author, Nikolas Barela from Delhi, Ms. Kusumben Rawat, activist from Gujrat and Rohidas Raut, journalist, Surajbhau Sayam, Anjum Sheikh, social workers were the chief guests.

The resolutions passed in the meet included- a separate column be kept for the Adiwasis in the country in the coming census, Schedule VI of the Constitution of India be applied to the district of Gadchiroli and autonomous status be given to the district, Gondwana University in Gadchiroli be accorded the status of Tribal University, Tribal Museum be opened in Gadchiroli to preserve the art and culture of the tribals.

The resolutions also included PESA, Forest rights Act be implemented strictly, excavation of the Surjagad Mines be stopped and other proposed mines in the district be cancelled, primary education be given to the students in tribal areas in their mother tongue Gondi, atrocities on the tribals be stopped and misuse of UAPA be stopped, branches of Adiwasi Sahitya Academy be formed in every state, Tribal Research Centres be opened in all the Universities in the country, mother tongue of tribals be promoted etc.

All these resolutions were passed unanimously by thunderous clapping as Ms. Kusumtai Alam, Chief Convenor of the meet read them out.

Addressing the participants Dr. Dkhar said this literary meet was historic and it would give new dimension to the tribal literature and culture all over the country. There is a need of maintaining the tribal culture and for this, Tribal Cultural Centres be established in all the universities, she stated adding that tribal languages should not only be propagated but they should be respected by one and all as these languages represent the rich heritage and culture of the tribals.

The unity in diversity is the speciality of our country and this was noticed in this literary meet also as the tribals from different states with their unique attires and languages participated in it, she added. Let’s all work together for the welfare and progress of the tribal people, she appealed the society and the litterateurs.

Ms. Gavit mentioned the meet as revolutionary one and said it’s a beginning of a new era in the tribal women’s life. Tribal women have always stood for the social equality and this meet will inspire the women litterateurs to focus more on the tribal issues and present them before the society, she hoped. There is a need to stop the culture of multi wives, she added appealing the society to seriously look into the matter.

Ms. Kusumtai Alam in her speech said the meet will certainly inspire the writers and activists to write more and create new literature on the tribal life and many new writers would come up with this meet. It was not an easy task to hold such a grand meet at a place like Gadchiroli but the efforts were made possible with the cooperation of all the writers, poets and activists working in the field of tribal welfare, she pointed out.

The workers who took pains for organizing the meet were felicitated at the programme by presenting them mementos, certificates and bouquets at the hands of the guests. Dr. Meghraj Kapur conducted the proceedings.

Earlier a symposium on the subject ‘Natural Resources, Tribal Life and Remedies’ was held that was chaired by Ms. Mamta Kujur from Chhattisgarh. Ms. Indu Naitam, Adv. Lalsu Nogoti, Sainu gota, Kumaribai Jamkatan were the speakers. Mr. Manohar Hepat conducted the proceedings. A Kavi Sammelan was also organized under the chairmanship of Mr. Vasant Kannake. As many as 75 poets participated in this Sammelan. Dr. Sakharam Dakhore conducted the Sammelan and Mr. Prabramhanand Madavi proposed the vote of thanks.

The participants and organizers celebrated the success of meet by dancing on the tunes of tribal songs which was joined even by the guests. Mr. Manohar Hepat, Vilas Nimborkar, Sonu Alam, Gaurav Alam, Malta Pudo,Sunita Usendi, Anjum sheikh, Shewanta Halami, Neeta Gedam, Babita Usendi and others took pains for the success of the grand meet.

Photo Dr. streamlet Dkhar addressing the concluding ceremony.  Ashokbhai Chaudhari, nikolas Barela, Kusum Alam and others are seated on the dais.


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