Students meet Tehsildar, demand bus for attending school.

students demand bus
The students submitting a memorandum to the Tehsildar.

Gadchiroli Aug. 1 (District correspondent) ‘Widen our road and start the bus so that we could reach our schools’, this was the demand raised by the school students who rushed to the tehsil office of Armori and and submitted the memorandum of their demand.

As the students from the rural areas of the taluka do not have access to higher education, they are rushing to the urban areas. The Fari-Usegaon-Kasvi road is used by the students for going to Armori for education, but as there is no other vehicle except one plying on this road, the students can’t attend their schools and colleges regularly. The parents also are worried about their wards.

Accidents happen every day while going to Armori by bicycles, which is nine kilometers away. To tell their woes, the students reached the Tehsil office of armori and met the Tehsildar Srihari Mane under the leadership of Dy. sarpanch Pravin Rahate. A memorandum was submitted to the District Magistrate through the Tehsildar regarding this demand.

Fari-Usegaon-Kasvi-Via Armori Road is narrow and only one vehicle can mpass on it, so the students have to ride their bicycles on the side of the road. Because the road is surrounded by bushes, the vehicle in front cannot be seen. The bus which was started for the students was also stopped, it was pointed out in the memorandum.

It was demanded that the bus should be started between 11.00 am and 5.00 pm during the school hours. At this time as many as 70 students from Kasvi, Ashta, Antari villages were present besides Ms. Manisha Donadkar, former ZP councilor, Nilkanth Gohne, Sudarshan Sayam, Krishna Matte, were present.

Photo the students submitting a memorandum to the Tehsildar.


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