Stay in tribal village to understand tribals-advices Dr. Abhay Bang to professors.

professor's visit
The visiting professors are seen with Dr. Abhay Bang

Gadchiroli Aug. 1 (District Correspondent)  Verrier Elvin stayed in a tribal village for twenty years to study the tribals. Dr. B. D Sharma stayed in Bastar and saw the life of tribals closely. Therefore, if you want to understand the tribal culture, stay in a tribal village. This was the advice given by noted social worker and Director of SEARCH Dr. Abhay Bang to the professors who had on the tibal pride journey to the district recently.

Tribal Pride Journey was organized by Maharashtra State Faculty Development Academy (MSFDA) and Gondwana University for seven days for the faculties of Maharashtra. In these seven days, these professors visited SEARCH headquarters at Shodhgram in Dhanora taluka for one day to understand tribal development and their culture. At this time Padmashri Dr. Abhay Bang addressed the faculties.

At this time Dr. Bang briefly narrated the journey from Elvin to BD Sharma. He also reminded that there was a controversy between Prof. Ghurye and Verrier Alvin over the issue of the development of the tribals for twenty years.

Professors should read the book Murias of Bastar to understand the history of tribals. They should also read the policy of tribals written by Verrier Alvin; Dr. Bang suggested. Also, the Professors should think whether they want to study tribalism out of curiosity, entertainment or commitment?

Earlier, village and gram panchayat had no place in the Constitution of India. During the tenure of Rajiv Gandhi, the constitution was amended and the Gram Panchayat was given constitutional status. Talking about the PESA Act, he said that Mendhalekha is a good example for the PESA Act and said that this Act came into existence on the inspiration of Dr. B.D. Sharma.

Also, for the development of any country or state, there needs to be social, ideological and intellectual enlightenment first, then only the economic progress of that country or state takes place, Dr. Bang said while answering a question of one of the professors.

While answering the questions from professors from various colleges across the state, Dr. Bang cited several books from the British era such as Muriyas of Bastar, Unbroken History a Broken Policy etc.


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