Spandan Foundation distributes medicine kits to TB patients.


Gadchiroli Sept. 20 (District Correspondent) As part of this activity- ‘One Sunday for the Society, Spandan Foundation, a social organization of the city took up awareness campaign and gave guidance on the deadly disease of tuberculosis to the people in rural areas recently.

The activists of the Foundation visited Kunghada, Kurud, Amgaon villages in Chamorshi taluka and informed the residents and patients about tuberculosis and care to be taken during treatment. They also distributed protein rich food grains such as dal, sorghum, milk powder and edible oil etc to the patients.

Dr. Milind Narote, the President of the foundation guided the patients. The anti TB kits will be distributed to the patient every month until the patient is fully free of TB. The patients will also be counselled to determine whether they taking the right amount of medicine or not and to refrain from the habits that led to TB in the future.

Member of Spandan Foundation asserted that this is a small effort of Spandan Foundation to make Gadchiroli district free of TB, told Mr. Suresh Ladke, senior member of the Foundation.

On this occasion the members of the Foundation Prof. Chetan Gore, Akash Kankalwar were also present. A large number of people attended the programme and decided to help this campaign.

Photo Dr. Milind Narote distributing kit to a patient as Dr. Suresh Ladke looks on.


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