Snake science awareness programme organized by Maha Anis.

snake science
Mr. vilas Nimborkar speaking as others are seated.

Gadchiroli July 26 (District Correspondent) A ‘snake science awareness’ programme was conducted at Vidya Bharti High School and Junior College here the other day.

School Supervisor Mr. Gopal Munghate, presided over the programme while  State Co-ordinator of Maha Anis Scientific Awareness Education Project Mr. Vilas Nimborkar, Mr. Vitthalrao Kothare, District Working President District Principal Secretary, Mr. Purushottam Thackeray, Sarp Mitra and District Principal Secretary Mr. Vilas Parkhi, Mr. Sanjay Gaddewar were present as the chief guides.

Mr. Vilas Nimborkar while explaining the importance of the snakes said that if we remove the snake from the bio- chain, environment will be adversely affected. One day, we will have to face them food shortage as the number of rats will increase increase. Therefore, the snake has a great contribution to keep the environment balanced, he added.

Sarpa Mitra Mr. Vilas Parkhi gave detailed guidance on types of snakes, precautions to be taken from snakes, care to be taken after unknowingly bitten by a snake, treatment available on snake bite cases, myths and misconceptions about snakes etc.

Mr. Vitthalrao Kothare appealed to the snake bitten affected person to first to the hospital as soon as possible to save the life instead of taking him to any Mantrik, Pujari or Baba as well as religious places like temples, mosques and churches.

Mr. Purushottam Thackeray enthralled the students by presenting Maha Annis movement songs. Ms. Sunanda Chilbule, the senior teacher of the school, made an introductory speech of the program and also gave the vote of thanks. School staff and teachers Mr. D. B. Deshmukh, C. R. Chaudhary, R. V. Urkude, S. G. Janjal, M. B. Neer, J. G. Yelmule, H. M. Nandanwar, P. K. Gohne, D. G. Banbale and  Phukte worked hard for the success of the programme.


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