Show BJP government its place, appeals Javed Habib.

ncp rally
Mr. Jawed Habib addressing the rally as Atul Ganyarpawar, Suresh Poreddiwar and others are seated.

Gadchiroli Nov. 26 (District Correspondent) This is not a gathering of minorities but a gathering of all castes and religions of India. The prices of domestic gas cylinder worth Rs. 400 has now risen to Rs. 1200 rupees. The prices of fuel and essential commodities also have increased alarmingly which has made the life of comman people quite difficult. Seeing all this BJP government at the centre and the state are not worried about the  people. These governments should therefore be shown their places, said State President of Maharashtra Pradesh Nationalist Congress Minority Department Javed Habib appealing that the people need to come to the streets to stop the BJP rule and bring good days.

He was speaking as the Chief Guest at the Nationalist Congress Minority Department rally at Function Hall here the other day. NCP District President Atul Ganyarapwar presided over the program while the chief guests were State Secretary and District Joint Observer Suresh Gudadhe Patil, State Women Self-Employment Department President Mrs. Puja Jedhe, senior leader Mahadev Purke, State General Secretary Suresh Poreddiwar, Adv.Sanjay Thakre, City President Vijay Gordwar, OBC Cell District President Shemdev Chafle were prominently present.

Mr. Suresh Poreddiwar criticized that some political parties are trying to create a rift in the society in the name of reservation. This should be stopped. NCP believes in communal harmony and brotherhood, he added.

Mr. Atul Ganyarpawar said while speaking from the chairmanship said that efforts will be made to bring Sharad Pawar’s ideas to every household in the district through the NCP organization and for this purpose more emphasis will be placed on strengthening the ranks of the party among the grass root level. Speaking further, Ganyarpawar said, the government has not yet paid the crop insurance claims to the farmers in Gadchiroli district. Farmers crops are dying because they get only eight hours of power supply. Where are the good days and for whom, he asked.

The government has levied GST on student fees and food items also, Ganirapwar pointed out adding that people are simply put to suffer because of the policies of the government.

Mr. Gudadhe Patil appealed the workers to reach the party programmes to the comman people and strengthen the organization in the district.

District Vice President Naimbhai Sheikh Social Justice Department District President Inderpal Gedam, Minority Department District President Hussainbhai Sheikh, Social Justice Department District President Smt. Sangita Raut Mujumdar, District Secretary Ashok Arveâ, Minaltai Chimurkar, Sandhyatai Uike, Anitatai Bobate, Aarti Kolhe, Rekha Koram, Ashok Medawar, Latif Pathan were also present.

Mr. Rajesh Hussain Sheikh made an introductory speech. The program was conducted by Muralidhar Nagose and the vote of thanks was given by Raju Atram. A large number of office bearers and activists of Nationalist Congress Party from all taluks attended the programme.




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