Rural Women’s Day celebrated by Lloyds.

women's day
The women participating in the programme.

Gadchiroli Oct. 17 (District Correspondent) International Rural Women’s Day was celebrated at village Petha and Pursalgondi by Lloyds Infinite Foundation Surjagad Iron Ore Mine the other day.

A local tribal traditional dance called “Rela” is organized on this day. Rela dance was participated by the women of the nearby villages. The women who performed the Rela dance were gifted with household items. The chief guest of the said program at Pursalgondi was Ms. Aruna Sadmek, Sarpanch of Gram Panchayat Pursalgondi.

Similar programme was organized at village Petha. Ms. Vanitha Korami, Sarpancha of Gram Panchayat Todsa, Mr. Dassa Korami, Police Patil Petha, Rainu Rapanji, Police Patil of Karampalli, Raju Gawde, Eminent Citizen Karampalli and officials of Lloyds Infinite Foundation Surjagad Iron Ore Mine were prominently present.

The women and children who play an important role in enhancing agricultural development in rural areas, building climate resilience, combating malnutrition and food insecurity were honoured on the occasion.

Although rural women are often excluded from decisions that affect their daily lives, they undertake a wide range of tasks both inside and outside their homes. They manage natural resources, adopt climate-resilient agricultural practices, preserve biodiversity and agricultural productivity. The day was established to recognize the significant contribution of rural women to their communities and the global economy, and to celebrate the important role played by rural women in agriculture, food production and rural development through this programme.



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