Pin Point                                                                              Shriniwas Gedam

Whether it is a government fair price shop or Maharashtra government’s Shivthali restaurant, there is always a crowd of people there. People come on two-wheelers to buy foodgrains with smart phones worth fifteen thousand in their hands. I don’t know how these people are poor? The scheme is meant for the poor and needy people, but here too there is a scam. Many old people earn free money even though they have children to feed them enough and thus avail the schemes illegally.

Real homeless people neither have a land nor a place of their own to live. These people who live on footpaths are in real need of a house but what happens is that houses are built only for those who have good houses to live in.  All the public representatives beginning from the Councillors to Sarpanchas and MLAs, MPs provide comfort to their own people.

Manipulation and corruption is found everywhere.  There was a time when people did not have simple bicycles. A fan, a radio, a cooler was rarely available. Today ordinary collie also has everything. Mobile, two-wheeler, home. You will not find any person without smart phone by mistake. People splurge many times a day on tea, gutkha, liquor etc. Where is hunger and poverty?

Now people are not getting work because people have got abundant money. No one is willing to work in the farm or in the shop. Who will work when they can eat comfortably? I don’t know how people gather money and from where, but except for a few exceptions, people are doing very comfortably.

Ask anyone, what do your children do and the answer is, the elder son is a doctor and the younger one is an officer in a bank. Gone are the days of a clerk’s son being a clerk. But this is for the handful of people. In many cases, the opposite can be seen. However, it is different that if this government stays in power for a few more years, we will see an army of unemployed people from every house. This is the general situation today.



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