Pin Point                                                                           Shrinivas Gedam


Relationship is for humans. Not a man for relationships. If relationship is good, life is also good. Relationships that are difficult can neither be broken nor maintained. If you don’t get along with strangers, you can at least break the relationship. But it cannot be done if there is a close relationship of blood. No matter how good we behave, if the other person is not behaving well for no reason, why should we respect him? We live with our own hard work. Then why should we pay attention to these useless egoistic people?

If you don’t like, don’t talk. Do not keep relations. No problem. You will be a million good; your goodness will be good for you. Why to trouble others? These people become even more stubborn when their own wives and children go against them. It is better not to have a wife and children who feed on us and turn against us. No man in the world will tolerate his wife and children going to the enemy. When your own blood turns against you, who will you look at? From whom to expect?

Kumbhakarna fought and died on Ravana’s side without looking at “right or wrong”. Bibhishnan supported Rama. All the secrets of Ravana were told to Rama. He also told how Ravana will die. It was certain then that Ravana would lose when the person of the house joined the enemy. Karna knew that he was the eldest son of the Pandavas, yet he fought on Duryodhana’s side and attained Virgati. This is called loyalty. If Karna had put his selfishness first, he would never get respect!

People keep changing parties frequently for their own interests. A man like Nitin Gadkari says, “I would prefer to jump into a well and commit suicide but will never join the Congress”.  This is called loyalty and faith. It is not that BJP is good and Congress is bad. If a person is good, he can stay in any party and do good work.

No matter how dangerous life is, no matter how many life-threatening crisis, if family is with you, a person can easily overcome them. But it is very difficult if our own people turn on our lives.


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