Raje Ambrishrao becoming increasingly popular, say Aheri youths.

raje ambrishrao
Raje Ambrishrao welcoming a worker

Gadchiroli Oct. 6 (District Correspondent) Raje Ambrishrao Atram’s calm and restrained nature, the quality of talking to everyone with affection and helping the needy and poor people, his vision of development has made Raje very popular among the youth and therefore, we are joining the party under his leadership, said the new entrants while expressing their views while appreciating Raje Ambrishrao.

Believing in the leadership of the former minister of state Raje Ambrishrao Atram, hundreds of youths and women from various parties joined the Bhartiya Janta Party recently in the party program held at Rukmini Mahal, Aheri. Raje Ambrishrao welcomed them into the party by offering the party dupattas.

Mr. Srikant Bandamwar, Dy. Sarpanch of Permili and Sunil Soyam, a staunch activist of the Adiwasi Vidyarthi Sangh in Aheri taluka,Vasudev Habka, School Management Committee Chairman from Koyanguda Bhamragarh, Ramdas Veladi, President of School Management Committee Permili are some of the prominent workers joining the party.

Addressing the workers, Raje Ambrishrao asserted that he will always stand solidly with them and will do his best to solve the problems of the area. The trust shown in my leadership will not go waste, he assured.

The workers from the different political parties from the entire Aheri Assembly constituency have been continuously joining the Bharatiya Janata Party for the past few months believing in the leadership of Raje Ambrishrao and there is a positive environment for Raje, they stated.

The other workers joining the party are Mr. Ishwar Gawde, Rainu Timma, Rajesh Naroti from Koyanguda, Sudhakar Parsa Hitapadi, Sudhakar Atalami from Aldandi, Santosh Koparti from Mannerajaram, Ajay Usendi from Permal Bhatti, Santosh Timma from  Binagunda, Dinesh Poongathi Krishnar, Tapan Pal from Deshbandhugram, Sharad Veladi Chandra, Shivram Pendam Daulat Veladi, Daulat Madavi, Pravin Madavi, Tejrao Veladi, Yogesh Madavi, Ritesh Sadmek, all from village Chandra, Diwakar Madavi, Mangesh Madavi and others.




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