Preserve organizations founded by Babasaheb Ambedkar– Balasaheb Khobragade.

buddha vihara
Mr. Balasaheb Khobragade, Rohidas Raut, Dr. Dilip Barsagade, Munishwar Borkar seated on the dais.

Gadchiroli – ‘Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar took tremendous pains for the upliftment of the Dalits and backwards of the country. He founded the organizations like Buddhist society of India, Samta Sainik Dal and Republican Party of India for the welfare of the people. It is the utmost duty of every Ambedkarite to preserve and strengthen these organizations in the present times.’

This was stated by Mr. Balasaheb Khobragade, President of All india Republican Party while unveiling the statue of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and inaugurating the Buddha Vihara at village Mahadwadi near here on Wednesday.

Mr. Rohidas Raut, Central Vice President of the Republican Party presided over the programme while Mr. Munishwar Borkar, District President of People’s Republican Party, Dr. Dilip Barsagade, Ambedkarite scholar, Tularam Raut, District President of Buddhist Society of India, Prin. Prakash Dudhe, Hansraj Undirwade, Prof. Guatma Dange, Janardan Taksande, Rajubhau Khobragade, Pramod Munghate were the chief guests.

Mr. Khobragade further said the teachings of lord buddha and thoughts of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar are very much useful and important for the progress of the society. These teachings should be carried forward with the renewed unity and vigour in the days to come.

Dr. Barsagade said Dr. Ambedkar was a social reformer who believed in doing the things personally rather than just lecturing. He has contributed many remarkable things to the society and Buddhism is the most precious gift given by him to the Indian society. Buddhism was the great revolution brought about by Dr. Babasaheb that will be remembered for the ages, he pointed out.

Mr. Borkar said buddha viharas should become the centres of good values and teachings. The message of brotherhood and equality should be spread from here.

In his presidential speech Mr. Rohidas Raut said Buddhism spread all over the world because of its human values. There has been a tremendous transformation in the lives of the Dalits due to Buddhism and ideals of Dr. Ambedkar in a short span of time. The movement of Buddha and Babasaheb has the strength of empowering the people hence it should be reached to the masses, he observed.

The other guests also expressed their views on the occasion. Earlier the idol of Lord buddha was ceremoniously installed at the hands of Bhante Yashvardhan in presence of hundreds of followers.

Also present on the occasion were Mr. Pradeep Bhaisare, Balkrishna Bambode, Lahuji Ramteke, Pralhad Raipure, Ashok Khobaragade, Narendra Raipure, Fakira Patil, Nandlal Lade, Tulshiram Bambode and others.

Mr. Rushi Ramteke made an introductory speech, Ramnath Khobragade conducted the programme and Mukhru Barsagade proposed the vote of thanks. The workers of Panchasheel Bouddha Mandal, Mahadwadi took pains for the success of the programme.





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