Pediatric Physiotherapy Center started at Women and Child Hospital.

pediatric unit
Mr. Bacchu Kadu inaugurating the Centre as Dr. Deorao Holi, Sanjay Meena and others look on.

Gadchiroli Oct. 5 (District correspondent) A ‘Pediatric Physiotherapy Unit’ in the district women and child hospital was inaugurated at the hands of Mr. Bacchu Kadu, Chairman of Divyanga Welfare committee the other day.

Gadchiroli MLA Dr. Devrao Holi, District Collector Sanjay Meena, Chief Executive Officer Ayushi Singh, District Civil Surgeon Dr. Pramod Khandate, Medical Superintendent of District Women and Child Hospital Dr. Madhuri Kilnake, Resident Medical Officer, Dr Dhurve were prominently present.

This unit has been started with an objective of having the screening, diagnosis, therapy and treatment available in the district itself under the concept of District Collector Sanjay Meena. With this, a treatment of congenital diseases, delay in physical and intellectual development, growth defects and other diseases among children/students aged between 0 to 18 years will be available in the hospital.

A ‘Paediatric Physiotherapy Unit’ has been constructed in the available space at DEIC and has been beautified with attractive colours for the children. The purpose behind this is that they should enjoy the company of games and also improve the mental health and get a favourable environment for therapy. Various materials and equipment necessary for the developmental growth of children are provided here for Physiotherapy.

For this, senior paediatric physiotherapist and rehabilitation consultant from Nagpur Dr. Meenakshi Wankhede along with other therapists will be available at Paediatric Physiotherapy Unit on the first and third Friday of every month.

Meanwhile, examination of children, assessment, planning of therapy according to needs, setting of short-term goals in therapy and many other things are planned. Also, there will be regular physiotherapy sessions every Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday by trained therapists.

Joint stiffness, motor delay (gross and fine), cognitive problems, muscle weakness, delayed milestones, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, hyperactivity (ADHD), autism, ortho problems, growth defects, developmental delays and other physical disorders will be treated in this unit.

The Collector and the District Surgeon have appealed that the children with ailments should be referred to the ‘Paediatric Physiotherapy Unit’.




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